Haiku 31

inspiration strikes
as the lunar new year starts
welcome to the horse

*It’s officially the Chinese New Year and I am writing a Chinese inspired story to celebrate ^_^


Haiku 30

wishes on red
after peach blossom dreams makes
golden dragons smile

*Chinese New Year’s eve ^_^

Haiku 28

the hunter watches
the polar night go by
from his field of black

*Orion was looking down on us tonight, and boy was it cold!

Haiku 27

from frozen fractals
to peach blossom spring
the world is ready to change

*not the standard haiku format I know, but it is seventeen syllables none the less and it totally reflects the day I’ve had. ^_^

Haiku 26

from the sky above
into a world of white
snow falls evermore

*It was snowing, again. Pretty, fat, beautiful bunches of flakes…

Haiku 25

striving for perfect
brings nothing but anger
go with peace instead

*I hate knitting sometimes. And striving for perfection is driving me mad. So I need to stop expecting perfection at a craft that I’m not yet all that familiar with yet.