Haiku 59

an itch to create
a world made of words
where is the muse


Haiku 58

field of black
with endless lights
gazing on the world

*starry stary night tonight 🙂

Haiku 55

a wish from the heart
to the universe it speaks
let all dreams come true

*Feeling overly optimistic today. No idea why, but I do, and it’s nice 🙂

Haiku 54

with mountains above
and the sea below
golden moments shine

*Tribute to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. They are over now. And I am so sad 😦

Haiku 53

transparent moon
in a cloudless sky
drifting towards noon

*I love when I can see the moon during the day. She is a pale imitation of her mighty midnight self, but none-the-less, still beautiful 🙂