Only sixty five haiku to do at this point which means that there are only sixty five days left in the year. I can’t believe that I have managed to keep this up for so long. I know that I haven’t always updated regularly but I have been writing daily, which is all that really matters. I am both excited for and dreading the end of this project. I have learned a lot about the format of haiku and how to capture a moment in a few syllables. I am sure that I will learn more as the last couple months fly by. Until the end of the year though, let me say, hank you for being with me so far. I hope to see you on the other side!



This blog will be a chronicle of a year of my life, told through small moments, in haiku form. I’ve decided to do this because my best friend is a poet and she recently got two haiku’s published in the Haiku Journal. She has inspired me so much and I wish to improve my own poetic skills.

I hope you enjoy.